Crust Options

Traditional Hand Tossed Style
New York Style

Brooklyn - Fresh Dough Stretched Thin

Thin - Crispy Cracker Crust - Vegan

Double Dough - Double the Dough

Gluten Free - Vegan

10" Cauliflower Crust
Gluten-Free & 54 Carbs

10" Keto Crust - Gluten Free & 4 Carbs

Our Locations

Dine In, Carry Out, or Delivery

Enjoy the Best Deals at Zzeeks

Jaxson’s Trio

16” One Topping Pizza, Breadstick Bites & 2 Liter Soda


Manager’s Special

2-16” Cheese Pizzas - Breadstick Bites & 2 Liter Soda


Big Daddy Davis

20” One Topping Pizza & 20 Wings


Zzeeks Story

Jody And Mark Aka “Zzeek” have always shared a love of pizza. Zzeek learned to make pizza from his mother and started as a 10-year-old making pizza for the neighborhood kids. Jody growing up in the U.P. of Michigan was surrounded by independent Mom and Pop Pizzerias and, at a very young age, decided that’s what she was going to do when she grew up because she loved to eat pizza and still eats pizza almost every day.

After graduating from college, they both found their way to Phoenix and began working for a large Global Pizza Brand. This is where they met and eventually got married. Jody was a high energy Mega successful G.M., and Zzeek went the route of supervising stores and learning the business from all sides.

What Our Customers Say

Not only is the food great! But, the owners and the staff make this place special. They support and spread kindness throughout their community. 10 stars!


Mmm best place for pizza during lunch time. Their pizza and wings combo is affordable and delicious. It would be dangerous if I lived any closer to this location I’d be here every day!

Cierra Garcia

You can never go wrong with pizza or wings or anything from Zzeeks!

Food is always on point and staff is always always amazing

Frank Esquibel

Wow! First time trying Zesty Zzeeks! Super fast delivery! Love the sauce, great flavor overall! Haven’t had pizza that I said ‘wow, this is REALLY GOOD!’ in a long time. So glad I took this leap of faith and tried y’all!

Charlene Murphy


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